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About us

Carochen International group Inc was established in 1997 and has maintained a steady growth. We have provided consulting services, project management and business development services to our clients in the United States and outside the United States.

Our Vision
Carochen International Group is committed to the transformation of business ideas to business solution through the application of appropriate technology and business strategy.

Our Mission
Our mission is to connect our clients to products and services without limitation of geography. We provide sourcing and procurement strategies to medium and large scale organizations in the energy, oil and chemical industries. We are committed to international business coordination that adds value to our clients' processes.

Our clients are those trying to achieve maximum results by maintaining efficient inventory levels and adopting proactive procurement strategies. This client segment incorporate services provided and market/regions covered. It does not matter whether it is a refinery seeking to expand its strategic inventory or an oil company trying to sell their excess inventory, we are there to help.

What We Do

Our services include procurement, procurement risk management, process development, project management and process re-engineering. We analyze clients' processes to determine areas of needs, competency levels and gaps. We develop solutions using sophisticated statistical models and state-of-the art methodologies. We connect people, products and services across continents.

Our market is international with a network of clients and providers in the United States of America, Canada, China and sub-Saharan Africa.

We strongly believe in appropriate technology considering the disparity in the technological development of the countries we do business with. However, our business analysis and solution tools integrate cutting edge software with the clients' organizational processes.

Our philosophy is that complex problems can be demystified by identifying their simple components. Identification of these components is based on knowledge, training and experience. We, therefore, value training, professional affiliations, certification and the highest ethical values for our consultants. These are the values that guide our practice.

Our model of excellence is based on team-work, unity in diversity and robust value proposition. These are supported by multi-disciplinary training in engineering, business management, program design and project management.

Self Concept
Our services are based on quality, customer satisfaction and referrals.

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